Lady L Reed   818-488-0256

Lady L Reed   818-488-0256

Lady L Reed   818-488-0256

Experience the Loving Hands

and Healing Energy of

Lady Lallaine Reed



The goal of massage is to allow the mind to rest while manipulating the body.​ It is to awaken energies and to help Allow healing to take place within the body




Tai Chi / Qigong

By offering modalities like swedish massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, acupressure and reflexology,  trigger points, geriatric, infant and pregnancy massages, Lady can give you the therapeutic massage that helps you.

By my laying hands on you, I can be a conduit to the healing masters who does the work and heal you on the levels that needs to be healed. You would feel a certain energy movement going on in your body during a session and have a great sleep or lucid dreams.

We have on going Tai Chi / Qigong classes.Part of our Martial Arts to keep your own Qi/Chi/Prana flowing in order to avoid blockages and achieve a healthy, balanced mind, body and spirit.


Reed's Active Martial Arts YOGA, was created by Lady L Reed to help people re-connect with their bodys and to help the students find peace, harmony and healing.